Being Santa, Amazing Sedulo!

We have just finished delivering Christmas presents to 75 children we know in the Bramley area of Leeds. These presents have been given to us by Sedulo Financial Consultants. Their Christmas Toy Appeal linked up sponsors (including the public, local companies and Sedulo team members) with 250 children in Manchester and Leeds. Individual presents were bought, knowing the age and interests of each child and the main gift was then supplemented with other presents and a selection box to make up a sack for every child ready for when they wake up on Christmas morning. By the time the Sedulo team had finished being so wonderfully generous, around 2,000 presents had been provided to the 250 children. We had the pleasure of meeting some of the Sedulo team at their Reverse Santa’s Grotto evening where children of team members gave Santa presents to give to others. It was utterly amazing and the kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness displayed was both moving and inspiring. Thank you so much Sedulo – you’ve made Christmas for lots of our children.

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