Autumnal Growth

This year has started with a flourish at FFL, seeing a plethora of groups blossom throughout

the term as the team have got to work in schools and community centres around Leeds.

After the dark days of lockdown, it has been wonderful to be back in person alongside the

families we support and see the grins of the children!

Children have been discovering a love for healthy foods during Family Cookery Clubs, with

the addition of our new food and nutrition slots. We were thrilled to hear from a parent last

week who told us, “My son eats vegetables in his meals now!”

Parents and carers have enjoyed reading and writing with their children. Recently a parent shared with us just how much of a difference the group had made: “My daughter keeps bringing me books at home to read with her! She never normally does that! So we have started reading together more. And ever since joining Story Tellers, she keeps wanting to write stuff at home and practice her letters. I can’t believe it!”

We have been delighted to see children really open up in Mentoring Groups. Hot topics have been anxiety and anger issues. One child even had the courage to share a book on anxiety with the group, which she had been inspired to read after a session!

What a great term it’s been!

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