Activity-Based Mentoring


Flourishing Families provides activity-based mentoring for primary school aged children, with our team of committed mentors. We offer the opportunity and resources for the children to flourish creatively by learning new skills such as making spider pom poms, 3D cards, snow globes, recycled robots, slime, dream catchers, baking, drama, games and many more. These sessions are designed to encourage teamwork, improve focus, emphasise attention to detail and develop listening skills.

In the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Leeds, child poverty is highlighted as a root cause of poor health, education and employment outcomes for families. Most of the children we work with suffer from low self-esteem, underdeveloped social skills, relational breakdown and a lack of belief in what they can achieve. Without positive intervention, these invisible barriers can lead to many children leaving school with few or no qualifications, resulting in unemployment or low pay and a continuation of material poverty. Average life expectancy is 12 years lower in the areas where we work compared to other parts of the city and the disability-free life expectancy can be up to 18 years lower.

Our mentoring groups affect lasting positive change through the ongoing relationships between the mentors and the children. The aim of this mentoring is to counter the invisible barriers to flourishing such as poor personal, physical, social and emotional development through enjoyable activities in which children can excel. Activities include art and teamwork as well as one-on-one and group ‘talking’ mentoring. Our high adult to child ratio means that each child can receive individual attention and encouragement from the mentors, many of whom are students at Leeds University and bring huge amounts of positive energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity to the sessions.

Creators' Club


Flourishing Families also offers activity-based mentoring groups for whole families called Creators' Club.


Our aim is to provide a positive and safe space in which the children can develop creatively, grow in confidence and improve communication and teamwork skills alongside family members. Parents and children work together to learn new craft skills and each week has a theme that ties into the activities, such as sharing memories or handling conflict. Some of our most popular sessions include making carnival masks, toilet roll parrots, spaghetti and marshmallow towers and chocolate Easter nests.

"My favourite session was making the carnival masks because the children could be creative and imaginative and parents could help where needed" Parent at Creators' Club 

"My daughter absolutely loved the club and couldn't wait for it each week"

"My favourite session is making slime!" Haley

"I learned that you can do anything on your own!" Owen

"I have got better at art, baking, being more positive and I made more friends who I didn't know very well" Anaka