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Family Cooking

Flourishing Families runs family cooking clubs for children and their parents or carers, in partnership with local primary schools. Our groups teach foundational cooking skills in a friendly and relaxed environment, where no previous experience is necessary. The emphasis is on having fun together and giving families the precious one-to-one time together that is often hard to find in a busy week.

At our cookery clubs parents, carers and their children learn a valuable life skill and improve their understanding of nutrition and healthy diets. In addition, participants benefit from working together under the guidance of our mentoring team who encourage growth in self-esteem, confidence, teamwork and positive relationships as well as developing longer-term supporting relationships with families.

Participants pay just £1 per session and leave with a nutritious meal for the whole family or a big batch of home baking. We have a growing collection of recipes and we’ve been delighted at how popular the sessions have proved to be. Flourishing Families provide all the equipment, fresh ingredients and recipes for the sessions, and these pop-up kitchens are packed away at the end of each session with the invaluable help of our volunteers, many of whom started out by attending the groups themselves. The recipes we make are healthy, good value, easy to put together and incredibly tasty! Check out our chicken spinach pasta bake or spicy apple muffin recipes

Here's what parents are saying about the cooking clubs....

"When I cooked with my children before it was hard getting them to help, but now they love to do the chopping and be part of it" 

"My daughter has enjoyed it so much that now my other daughter wants a turn!" 

"I think this club is a fantastic way to get families to enjoy food together"

"I've learned that cooking from fresh rather than using jars is cheaper and tastier"

"Since starting cooking club my son now says he wants to be a chef!"